Spring is in the air & so are the bees :)

Spring is in the air and so are the bees, emerging from their hives to take their first flights for some
much-needed fresh air. The ModernRoots farm does “inventory” of the bees and how well the hives did

through the winter. Honey is an important ingredient at the store and the bee’s health is priority for us
to continue to harvest this delicious amber gold.
I specifically hand spin the honey from the honeycomb to retain its raw anti-microbial benefits. This is
incredibly important to provide the best natural products that are also highly effective. Honey has been
shown to help with allergies and inflammation, specifically honey produced within 200 miles of less of

your area. Minnesotans celebrate, because the honey we use is produced in Annandale, MN on the
ModernRoots Farm which is central Minnesota, so beyond the anti-microbial properties you also get the
best anti-inflammatory attributes for skin too!
Raw, fresh honey drizzles into our Almond Milk & Honey Lotion. Handmade almond milk starts this

smooth creamy lotion, along with nourishing oils to replenish dry skin. If you have not tried this lotion,
you need to, it will complete you.
Sweet Honey Bee Soap also sports a decent supply of raw honey added the last moment before pouring
this earthy sweet soap into the mold. The very next day this soap is ready to cut and cure for a month. A
favorite among the hippies and the hippies at heart.
Propolis Face Lotion is packed, with you guessed it, bee propolis. A substance bees mix from specific

tree sap, royal jelly, and honey to create a perfect “glue” to mend their hives. As you have it, this glue is
an amazing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I blend this into the face lotion for those that breakout easily
and need a light lotion.
ModernRoots has lots more products with raw honey in it. Come check them out, we would love to chat
with you about our natural products.