Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS) safe?

I have formulated with BTMS for years now and it has been brought to my attention that there are claims that it is a "4" on a scale of "10" on the EWG (environmental working group skin deep) site.

First and foremost, the EWG is made for consumers that want a guideline for healthy products. What the EWG does not do is differentiate product ingredients that can be similar. They lump them all into one category, so it is assumed all are bad. As a natural product developer, this is frustrating as I spend countless hours researching ingredients and formulating many of my own based on safety and how our bodies process ingredients. In my opinion, WAY beyond "skin deep." 
So let's get to the point... There are two forms of BTMS. BTMS 25 and BTMS 50.
BTMS 25 has cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol (combined, these two are cetearyl alcohol), and behentrimonium methosulfate  (colza oil, wax extracted from the rapeseed plant). 

BTMS 50 has cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate and BUTYLENE GLYCOL. This is specifically the one that whole foods says they don't allow in their "premium" products. Yet, they do allow BTMS 25 - most companies label it out differently because they don't want to be lumped into the BTMS 50 category. 
Let's go on a Whole Foods rant for a moment... If you think that Whole Foods and the products they have are all safe for you and your family, you are highly mistaken. They use tons of gmo soy, gmo wheat, gmo produce and hundreds of self care products that have awful ingredients that upset our endocrine systems. Now that is not to say they don't also have a few items that are healthier options but they are not fully "clean." End rant.

Ugh, life as a developer can be frustrating! Especially with sites like the EWG yelling "fire!" when not all ingredients are on fire. Really looking into the individual ingredients is best, but they have not allowed that on some ingredients. I believe they will get better though, especially after my email of facts they need to be aware of regarding like named ingredients.

Now, with all that said, I have let my customers drive my business. I care. I care not only about them but my skin and my children's skin as well. Our skin is a giant sponge absorbing chemicals through the air, products and water (yes, the flouride and chlorine in your city water is absorbed into your skin- get a filter) every day. Keeping that load at a minimum is important. With that said, regardless of the safety of BTMS 25 (butylene glycol free), I am re-formulating my emulsifiers with my own proprietary blend, ultra mild and zero toxicity load. And for those that use the EWG site, rates no higher than a "1." I These changes will take effect immediately.

 ***Update: I have made several other products without BTMS -25 all together but have decided after much research and development to keep the original products the way they are. Pure as I intended from the beginning and safe for all