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Biologically formulated skin care products

Face Care Staples

Radiance and youthfulness is attained by harmoniously using products that stimulate collagen production, increase hyaluronic acid, retain moisture and hydrate deep within the epidermis while being non-toxic.

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    Blue Tansy Oil Cleanser & Makeup Remover

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    Mineral Face Wash

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    Cranberry Toner

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    Luminescent Eye Serum

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    Face Silk Repair Serum

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    Chaga Face Cream

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    Bakuchiol + A retinol Alternative Gel Moisturizer

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Skin Cell Formulated + Biocompatible

Our natural, biocompatible products are intensely moisturizing, nourishing and mending. ModernRoots has skin cell formulated products appropriate for skin prone to acne, oily, excessively dry or combination thereof.  

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Hand crafted, non-toxic skincare that delivers noticeable results.

On the ModernRoots Farm, we formulate many of our own ingredients while supporting other sustainable farms. Quality and peak performance of the actives we use are crucial for efficacy and effectiveness. Our customers notice a difference with our skin care as we have consistently provided compatible products derived from nature.

Our Story

Why We're Different

  • Formulas for Skin Repair

    Our commitment to scientifically sound formulations set us apart, providing a natural alternative that truly works.

  • Power of Nature

    We take pride in nurturing
    and harvesting the freshest ingredients for our products, while efficiently sourcing ingredients we do not grow.

  • Research & Education

    Our journey became a commitment to educate, teach, and share knowledge with those struggling with skin sensitivities.

  • Community Driven

    We locate our stores in communities that are looking for superior quality skin care while focusing on sensitivities and nourishment.

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  • Face

    ModernRoots' face care includes gentle, yet effective face washes, tightening toners, incredible hydrating moisturizers and smoothing serums.

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  • Body

    We carry a plethora of holistic products developed with sensitive skin in mind. Handcrafted skin care from relaxing magnesium products to fun in the tub bath bombs. Our customers enjoy our premier body treatments.

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  • Restful Sleep

    As the original creator of magnesium products, our patent pending formulas, moisturizing attributes and calming enhancements elevate your everyday living.

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  • Handcrafted Soap

    Amazing soaps made with ethically sourced and sustainable oils that are sudsy and nourishing.

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Skin Care Masterclasses

Join Meg, developer and creator, as she gives you the knowledge to identify and resolve your skin concerns. You'll end each informative class understanding your skin type and products that will suit your needs.