Chaga Eye CreamSerum & Chaga Hand Cream

Did you know...
ModernRoots was one of the very FIRST companies in the world to incorporate chaga tinctures and extracts into healthy body care?!
It's true.
When I was detailing the information about Chaga that I sold at Farmer's Markets, everything listed about Chaga was IDEAL for skin care: super duper high antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, polyphenol, flavanoids, B complex vitamins, vitamin d, selenium, magnesium, minerals, and more!

As a developer and creator of natural body care, it hit me that this is the perfect package of what our skin needs. And that started the creation of the Chaga Hand Cream. Soon after creating a hand cream that makes your hands visibly younger and tighter... people started using it on their face. Brilliant. My customers are so smart ;) But I wanted to give them a better product for not just face, the delicate eye area.


Enter ---> Chaga Eye CreamSerum. A delightfully strong chaga extract mixed with UVA UVB fighting essential oils plus moisturizing oils to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Customer's have loved this product for many years now. It's one of my favorites too <3 
Seriously, most cost effective eye cream you'll ever find on the market, with more nutrients (and love) whipped in.