What's bakuchiol and how does it benefit me?

What's bakuchiol and how does it benefit me?

Replenish and restore skins hydration levels plus encourage quicker cell turnover with ModernRoots' Bakuchiol+ as a retinol alternative for sensitive skin. With just a few drops, this product delivers an intensely moisturizing treatment that feels silky and weightless. Let's dig into the specifics:

Why Does Bakuchiol Work as a Retinol Alternative?

It is important to understand that Bakuchiol oil is not the same as a retinol used in skincare products. It simply does not have the same structure and harsh effects of retinols/retinoids. However, Bakuchiol can regulate gene expression in a similar way to retinol which is the main attribute of both to help with anti-aging and regenerating skin cells. Bakuchiol also helps stimulate collagen production, is skin firming, improves tone and texture all while being appropriate for sensitive skin.

What's Bakuchiol Oil?

Bakuchiol is natural and found in the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia, also known as the Babchi plant. The oil from the seeds is solvent extracted and distilled for purity. We use the highest quality, organic bakuchiol for highest efficacy.

What's in ModernRoots' Bakuchiol + A Retinol Alternative Gel Moisturizer?

This amazing product formulated at ModernRoots is more than just Bakuchiol, it's years of experience in skin cell regeneration plus other amazing ingredients that support the attributes of Bakuchiol to give our customers the silkiest, ultra moisturizing yet light feeling alternative to harsh ingredients while still being highly effective. Let's dig into the ingredients:

-Niacinamide: Also known as Vitamin B3, minimizes pore size, reduces wrinkles, treats acne as an antibacterial, addresses hyperpigmentation- lightening the skin and sun damage and protects skin from moisture loss.  Another great attribute is niacinamide soothes and reduces inflammation which decreases sensitivities and redness.  

-Hyaluronic Acid: A moisturizing and plumping ingredient to mitigate and naturally smooth lines and wrinkles. HA can allow the cells to absorb up to 400% hydration, creating a natural plumping, smoothing and highly moisturizing effect. 

-Olive Squalane: With no oily or greasy feel, squalane moisturizes while delivering oxygen deep into the skin to promote healthy skin cell rejuvenation. In addition, olive squalane can enhance skin's natural barrier against external irritants and pollutants. 

-Peach Kernel, Jojoba & Extract: Fast absorbing oils like peach kernel oil and jojoba strengthen eachothers ability to moisturize without feeling greasy or heavy. Cucumber and watermelon extract are ultra refreshing to skin and reduces irritation and redness, making this a great choice for those with rosacea. 

-Oakmoss, Vetiver & Angelica Root Absolute: Angelica root absolute, vetiver essential oil and oakmoss pair together to give a whimsical, woodsy aroma perfectly light for day or night use. Truly smells like outdoor air. 


In addition to these amazing ingredients, Bakuchiol + has liquid silk and vitamin B5 to encapsulate all of these ingredients with extra water retaining ingredients to give you all day, weightless moisture while receiving the benefits of our retinol alternative, Bakuchiol.