Comfrey: The Medieval Cure All

The comfrey plants are pushing through the soil and into their beautiful emerald green leaves, soon to be harvested and made into so many nourishing products at ModernRoots.
Comfrey, in medieval times was known as “knit bone.” Often used during war to wrap wounds and broken bones. We now know that comfrey is high in allantoin, a critical ingredient for skin and wound care. The specific allantoin content in comfrey promotes skin cell regeneration, helps stimulate the growth of new cells and helps sensitive skin to become more resilient. I grow a very specific variety of comfrey that is sterile, Russian comfrey Bocking 14. I also sell cuttings of this online and in the Buffalo store so you can grow your own too! It is one of the best plants to provide for bees.

I typically get three to four harvests of comfrey per summer which supplies the needs of the store for the products that have comfrey leaf, root or extract in them. I even steam distill the plant to use the hydrosol in lotions and more. Comfrey is one of our key ingredients at ModernRoots, featured in our comfrey salve, herbal salve, comfrey tea lotion, after birth healing soak & our nourishing herbal soak.
Customers LOVE the comfrey salve for bruising, minor cuts and scrapes, radiation sites for cancer treatments, sunburn and to use after getting a fresh tattoo.

The herbal salve combines seven wild herbs in addition to comfrey to really boost healing. Customer’s have healed fungus outbreaks (including all over face), deep cuts and patches of red, rashy skin areas.
Comfrey tea lotion is a favorite I have created. With fresh comfrey and comfrey hydrosol added, this lotion is super moisturizing and earthy. I love the way it makes people’s skin glow and look well cared for.

The after birth healing soak & nourishing herbal soak both contain comfrey leaf and root. They are pre-loaded, large tea bags ready to place in the tub with you. Either after you have baby or traumatic accident, these both provide soothing herbs to soothe wounds gently.

Our focus at ModernRoots is to nourish and care for the communities in which we serve. Comfrey is an ingredient that really allows us to accelerate this process.
We have more products with comfrey! We’d love to show you them.