Time To Start Seeds Indoors

February, the month that is short but yet soooo long. Given the snow and cold temps the hopes of spring to break is far and few between. BUT, since growing my plants from seed, February is now the month that isn't AS dreaded, but looked forward to in some sense. Starting my plants from seed starts in mid February and some perennial plants I will start in early February, like Red Rugosa Roses (to harvest the rose hips), eucalyptus, luffahs, blue fescue, and other plants that have a long germination period or long 'days to harvest' growing period.
Checkout my indoor plant stand with lights to get you going on your seed starting by clicking 
here . I have about 4 of these stands in which I will make another 3 this year- because, though I already have quite a large vegetable garden, I am expanding my gardens again this year. I can hardly take it when I start thinking about gardening. Dirty hands, connection with the soil, mulching. HA! Never thought I would be saying that. My mom had us mulch and pick rocks for the hopes of a blizzard at Dairy Queen and I certainly never thought I would be doing it for enjoyment some day. But alas, it's true. I caught the bug a few years back :)
This year, I will be starting from seed, lots of Heirlooms and special organic hybrids. Organic simply means seeds and plants grown without chemicals. Many people believe this should include non GMO in the label, in which I do- so all my seeds are not genetically modified by ways of a lab or unatural. Cross pollination - or something that COULD happen in nature is not a GMO.
I will have several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and more to sell as plants at the Farmer's Market in Buffalo, MN & possibly the Monticello Market.