Customer Testimonial - ChapTits

Yes, this little guy was developed, by me, for breastfeeding moms. BUT I, and many others have found ChaptTits to work on any chaffing, scars or incisions. Runners and bicyclers also find ChapTits to work wonders on areas that rub- under arms, bum, bra lines and thighs.

To say the least, it is a naturally powerful $3 tube.
This customer testimonial comes from a woman that had surgery recently.

"I thought I would share this with you. Feb 3rd I had a surgical biopsy. Later I picked up some of your Chap Tits for breast feeding mommas to help heal the area near the incision. Dr said after the first week,

I could apply some lotion. Yesterday, I had my follow up visit and the Dr was very impressed with how nice the area looked. I told her what I'd used and she was impressed.
By the way, it was a non-malignant mass." Theresa- Minnesota
First of all, thank God for it being non-malignant. And second, how awesome this little tube has helped her heal! And YES! I have an online store - right HERE :)