The Modern Homestead

As Christmas nears, the days get shorter and the house gets cozier. The animals on the homestead are much slower and often found hunkered down in their shelters or berms. The finality of knowing homesteading will be my way of life for eternity gives me a great sense of self accomplishment and contentment. The sense of calm, learning, inspiration, and self reliant living animals and gardening can give, is unlike any other experience and I am hooked.

I officially started my full on journey to self reliant living several years ago. I've grown every season with more knowledge, different ideas, and a drive to become better with the passing of years. This past year, I added muscovy ducks, two more breeds of heritage pigs and three breeds of heritage turkeys. I wanted to add goats, but I promised Mr. Hunky not till next year (patience is not a strong point of mine). Besides, researching the breeds and talking with the people that raise them is great fun. In Minnesota, the winter season is a time of reflection, what to increase or decrease/what to add or reduce to the homestead. It's a great time for arm chair gardening, planning more gardens or drawing sketches of new development of land and buildings. 

The children (6,5, and 2), are also learning a lot. Natural learning is important for us and the development of our little ones minds. Many natural lessons are forming by showing how to take care of animals humanely, where real food comes from, processing healthy food by butchering canning and storing, and pulling their own weight with chores. It's a beautiful thing.

Plans for the coming year are to add 5 acres, a barn, goats and so many maintenance projects. Before the cold weather set in, Mr. Hunky got the water line to the coop. This makes it easy to fill buckets where the majority of animals are. It really beats hauling 10+ gallons of water by bucket a day. Electrical is almost complete, but something I've learned to live without so it is easy for me to wait on.
As the snow flies, the homestead is peaceful. Christmas is upon us and I'm staying busy with the ModernRoots Store making my bubbly, silky soaps and natural body care. If you haven't had a chance to checkout the store, visit the ModernRoots Store tab above! Or if you live in the Buffalo, MN area the address is 4 1st avenue NE, Buffalo, MN 55313.
Merry Christmas