Get Fermented in FEBRUARY!

Fermenting in February 2015 classes are posted!!! I know many of you have been patiently waiting...

All classes are held at the ModernRoots Store 4 1st avenue NE, Buffalo MN on a Tuesday evening from 630pm-8pm - dates listed below:
February 10: Kombucha- fermented black tea (health benefits, how to make, and how to get super fizzzz)
February 17: Water Kefir - fun, fizzy, healthy probio...tic drink
February 24: Fermented Veggies- carrots, sauerkraut & layered veggies
The store is open for class attendees and cultures are available for purchase.
You can come to the store to sign up and pay, $15 per class, per person. Cultures are extra ($7 scoby, $9 water kefir grains). Or you can pre sign up, and I'll add you to the list in which you pay at the door.
Let's get fermented