Fix those cold weather blues...

​Cold weather got you down? So many people find January, February and March a mentally challenging time due to cold weather and limited time outside. I know I personally struggle with not getting enough sunlight but boosting my spirits with little items that make me think of warm sand and the tropics helps tremendously. Items like Cocoa Butter & Mangos lotion, Ray of Sunshine body Spray and smooth moisturizing soap will transport you onto a tropical island.

Cocoa Butter & Mango Lotion: Nutty, fruity and moisturizing for skin. I created this beauty after a trip to Puerto Rico. The sun mixed with cocoa butter topped with smooth mangos was begging me to mix it into a lotion. Also available in a moisturizing soap bar.
Body Sprays: Ray of Sunshine, White Peony & Ginger and Egyptian Goddess to name a few spritzed all over body will having you thinking pina coladas and mai tais. Try matching soaps Ray of Sunshine and Cedarwood Musk.

Glo Minerals Makeup: Change up your makeup routine. Add a splash of Papaya Blush or grab a skin like Cream Bronzer to give yourself a boost in the healthy tan department. I really love the contour packs too. Start playing around some new makeup and techniques. Stop by any of our locations at Stillwater, Wayzata or Buffalo for expert tips and tricks.

Bath Bombs: Relax in magnesium and repair oils while your worries fizz away. Selecting a spring or summer scent like coconut lemongrass, lavender rosemary, ray of sunshine, orange honey, or sea foam will help you reminisce about warm summers with your feet in the sand. I love using bath bombs in cold winter months because the combination of warm bath water and the scent of summer really enhance my positive thoughts.

Even though many of us can get “cabin fever,” boost your spirits with some fun, tropical products. Bundle up, and get yourself to a ModernRoots Natural Soaps & Body Care. Enjoy some time smelling our wonderful handcrafted lotions, soaps & body sprays.