Fall Products! 2019

Seasonally fall products like the Earthy Essential Oil line for diffusers, Salted Caramel Bubble Clouds, Pumpkin Bread Candle, Vetiver & Shea Candle and Nutmeg Soap are sure to be a perfect fall product for everyone.

Essential Oils: Wonderfully crafted and steam distilled, all ModernRoots oils are therapeutic and deliciously blended to give you or your home a warm, inviting feel this fall.

Bubble Clouds: A super bubbly experience. Toss into tub while the water is running. Most bubble products on the market contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sulfates of some kind in addition to FD&C colorants that can leech into your skin causing a host of endocrine issues, but not at ModernRoots! We only use natural colorants and say NO to sulfates. This product is a fun one you can feel good about as your kiddos (or yourself) enjoy a soothing bubble bath.

100% Non-GMO soy candles:  Soy provides a really nice clean burn and does not make the air we breath toxic like many other candles that produce large amounts of soot. In addition, I believe soy should be burned, not consumed ; )

Natural Soaps: Packed with Non-GMO organic oils, these soaps will have you feeling fresh but also moisturized. Pick from many fall scents!

Just a glimpse of our seasonal fall products, come check them out before this wonderful season passes you by!

- Meg