When I Rains, It Pours...

Farming. Not everything is sunshine and lollipops. I mainly write about the successes because I can see the positive in what we are trying to accomplish however, not everything goes as planned. Literally, it's been raining for a week- and yes, we need it and I am happy to have IT rather than snow but wowsa, it really can push projects back.
Our truck that we purchased this past fall to push snow, haul feed, and haul anything else we should need around the homestead has needed some tuning....as in new tires (there were semi tires on them and we needed to replace those because semi tires on a Chevy 3500 Duramax Dumpbed is just plain ol' cool Mr. Hunky thinks).

I have to admit, they are pretty cool, but certainly not out loud. It also needs two new batteries, a new control for the tommy gate, the windshield wiper reconnected from it being stripped while plowing, and I'M SURE I'LL HEAR ABOUT something else it needs...like a pool or  a toilet or something logical. The truck tasks are almost completed.
We are building a multi-purpose fence for all our animals to live in 'harmony' in their circle of life...I'll let you know how that works out, and since it hasn't stopped raining, we can't get the posts completely set - we have all but a few to finish and the 5' fence is almost complete as well (4 hours left of work), but it's all at a stand still till we get some dry ground.

WHICH then puts my animal purchasing on hold as well, even if the fencing was complete, we can't drive the trailer to the pasture because it would just sink and we'd be stuck.
I am currently waiting on two sows, one pregnant - please don't have your litter yet- and can't wait to get them in their new home. I also have another pig/gilt I am waiting on and it's gonna be here Sunday no matter what because I am driving four hours North to pick up a Fox Red lab puppy and it's in the same town. If the pasture isn't dried out by then, I'm sure Mr. Hunky wouldn't mind if we kept it in the house :/
Unfortunately, Mr. Hunky can't replicate himself and I can't grow massive muscles to complete the super heavy lifting...and don't you worry, I can throw some weight but some things are just ridiculous and unrealistic for me to complete on my own. Especially with the three munchkins asking for 'warm chocolate milk' all the time.
THEN, my meat birds are SICK of each other and started pecking

 That makes me mad. Stop, you cannibals. So, I had to spend a day putting my Comfrey Salve on their wounds and scolding them on their rudeness towards one another. I know they are sick of being 'cooped up' and want back outside on the grass but common man, violence is not the answer.
Winter is so long and when spring hits, it's pretty short so we find ourselves doing the 'get your crap together scramble.' No matter how well you prepare, if you do it's better,  you don't know what kind of a spring it will be: dry, warm, cold, or rainy.. And so far we've had cold and rainy. We certainly look forward to sunshine and lollipops soon.