Waiting Spring

It's 15 degrees outside right now and cabin fever  has set in as we are approaching February. Today is a beautiful winter day. With the latest snow fall, it has covered the trees like a blanket a lace.  However, not to overlook the beauty of the winter months, I am patiently waiting for spring. Last night I dreamt of

tasting the honeyberry fruit. I have been contemplating planting one. You know you’ve got it bad for spring when you dream about tasting the plants you want! So this morning,

I took out my gardening magazines in an attempt to cope with winter and found several more plants (go figure) I would like to plant. After I made my purchase for spring, I sat. And sat. After realizing I could not hurry spring to me, I took out all my seed packets. Sound familiar? I went through them one by one and jotted down on the packet when I need to plant them. Keeping in mind the unique spring weather of course but writing notes on when I should start them indoors or direct plant. What a great sense of comfort on this cold, blistery day.