The Dirty Truth

As Joe Dirt would say, "Life's a garden, dig it." Watching my garden grow from the inside of my home to the outside gardens is very rewarding. From seedling, I have tried various ways now to get them to come up. For me, the best is leaving the dirt very loose and semi-moist, planting the seeds (the little ones just smooshing them into the surface a bit), and before putting them under the lights - spraying them with a a couple squirts of water

. When I can see little green sprouts in a week or so, it is very exciting. Yay! I didn't kill you, yet. I have always bought my plants after they were started by someone else or a garden center after I wasn't successful at starting my own seeds, for numerous reasons. So now that I am watching my gardens grow from the inside of my home with success, I am more excited than ever to plant all my seeds according to the sow/germinate schedule.

I have started several seeds but the real planting mahem is coming end of March and beginning of April.
There is certainly a sense of pride and gratification from nuturing these little seedlings into a large plant that can provide food or beauty. Not to get too philosophical but the pure amazement that a tiny little seed carries perfect genetic code to become a large plant that provides food is pretty cool. So nurturing the seedling along and making it stronger, not drowning it in too much water, and not letting it dry out while in growth is a task in itself.

After successfully growing the seeds indoors and moving them to the outside gardens can be nerve racking so once my plants are strong enough and the weather will allow for them to survive, it will be easier breathing after the transition.
I have found with the chaos of my day-kids, meals, all my crazy projects etc.- dirt is my therapy. There is something about digging in it that makes me feel better and more alive than before. I look forward to the seed booklets and the juicy details about the plant descriptions (they ALWAYS get me to buy with the first two words being 'juicy and/or beautiful').

 I have told myself for the rest of this spring, any more seeds books that come must immediately go into the garbage. Of about 10 that have recently been sent, I have thrown out one. It actually hurts a little to not allow myself to read about all the new and best seeds that seed company has to offer. Being from Minnesota, it's hope disquised in another 12" of snow fall.
My plans this year for self-food are now in the making. I have put the cart in motion and have empowered myself to take care of my family in a more healthy, knowledgeable and informed way. Sending my seeds along their way to the end result-production, is what each seasons goal is about.

Producing different varieties and finding just the right specialty fruit or vegetable has calmed my anxiousness for conquering the world. At this point in my life, sprouting seeds and self-reliant preparation is enough. 
My anticipation for the Farmer's Markets this year has gotten me started on my soap curing and other projects. Taking my produce and other creations to them will be a journey I am looking forward to being on.

I also look forward to meeting new people with like minds. I can always take some new advice on making my homestead more effecient.
In watching my garden grow from the inside out and using dirt as my go to for theraputic relief, this season has officially started and my plans for self-reliance have begun.