Successful A.I.'s!!!

I did it! I successfully artificially inseminated two of my heritage sows. Big Mama, my mangalitsa, and Tammy, my Tamworth. I ordered my boar semen from Internation Boar Semen in Iowa and couldn't be more satisfied. They had the selection I needed and want. It's pretty cool that I don't have one boar to choose from (as if I kept my own), I have several to choose from - which is important to breed selection and quality in securing the Heritage breeds I have.

 Tammy had seven piglets and kept four. I was certainly disappointed in this but four registered Tamworth's are better than none. Two were still borns and one died two days later from a large cut on it's stomach. I am assuming because Tammy stepped on him. I don't crate my pigs, so this could possible be why. Tammy is about 450 lbs. so that's a lot of hog to be agile around new babies. However, after my long discussion with her about 'how to walk lightly" she has been doing a great job with the remaining.

 Big Mama is an amazing mom. She had eight piglets and has kept them all. They are much smaller than the Tamworths. When born they are half the size of a Tamworth piglet. They look like a tiger crossed with a rat with a nice mix of pig. CUUUUTE. I love pigs. I love they mother their litter so well and who doesn't think a piglet is super cute?! 

These piglets are available for purchase when they are approx 35 lbs/8 weeks old. They range in price from $275-$325 a piglet depending on sex. These are heritage purebreds. Not commercial breeds. Want to know more about my breeds? read here
I get into the pens each day to take pics, play with the piglets and stay as long as the sows allow me. They certainly let me know when I have out stayed my welcome.

 Enjoy the pics! You can also catch videos of the piglets at my facebook page