Rhubarb Product!!

As rhubarb spikes, so does my appetite for this tart, slightly sweet herbaceous perennial. June lends delicious comfort in growing rhubarb and I harvest as much as possible for rhubarb custard pie, rhubarb juice and rhubarb tart before July hits as this herb quickly gets too woody to work with. Historically, rhubarb was first used as medicine primarily for gastrointestinal issues and stomach pain but quickly became used for cooking as this tangy rhizome (stalks only, the leaf is poisonous) is quite addictive.

This has inspired me to make some products with rhubarb in it! Introducing our first ever bath bomb with berries and rhubarb. A scrumptious, nostalgic scent paired with oils that linger on the skin, replenishing much needed moisture. I absolutely love wearing a maxi dress after a ModernRoots bath bomb bath, the oils make your skin shimmer and light reflect.

You can toss the bath bomb in the tub for a relaxing soak or get the bath bomb wet and rub your legs and body down for an exfoliating experience. Especially great for this time of the year to get those legs looking extra glam for shorts and skirts!

Rhubarb not your thing? We have lots of other bath bombs including coconut lemongrass, bohemian vanilla, rose geranium, honey love, Egyptian goddess, ray of sunshine and more! Come sniff us out.