Pallets Galore!

So, I am obsessed with pallets right now! I am trying to come up with new solutions to my chicken house, garden shed, mini barn, compost bins, and anything else that can be built with wood and it all points to one thing, EXPENSIVE. We need to install a new heating system (see other post about Geothermal) and believe it to be critical to saving serious dough in the future. We are currently running all propane and an expensive outdated a/c unit in the summer.

Uh, at a stand still because I still want to build my cute chicken house and garden shed. Started researching more in depth after I got some pallets for cute decorating projects and Wallah! Pallet chicken house!! Which can also be made into a garden shed and possibly a larger shed/mini barn. I am just thrilled to still be able to keep my self-reliant goals going. We are ripping off barn wood from a friend's old grainery to side the chicken coop and garden shed and building the inerds with the pallets.

For the chicken coop we plan to insulate between the slats of pallet boards and plywood the inside. So in my quest for pallets, I found lots of places that just want them out and off their property. And I would love to!.....con my cute husband into helping me yet again with the heavy stuff :) Last trip we scored lumber, not just pallets actual 2x4x8's made into long pallets. Not only am I, ahem ... we going to build this chicken coop, but I am going to do it for darn near free! Trust my, its not going to be some crazy mix of wood and look like a heap of junk- it will be cute! I also picked up six, 4 pane windows from a 1929 house remodel.

6 windows for $40. Not bad. Now I am looking for the perfect door for the garden shed and chicken coop. I wanted to build them in the garage/shop while it was cold outside but they will be much too heavy to ensure not breaking when transporting so I am gathering all the necessary items for when the ground thaws. It makes it so much more fun when you can do something just as cool if not cooler and spend very little doing it.

Repurposing makes me very happy! As for the compost bin- yes, pallets. Super simple, easy, effective design! You will have to stay tuned to see how these projects unfold