Newspaper Planter Pots!

I was going to make a trip to get more planting pots but in the amount I needed, the bio-degradable ones really add up in cost. Having plastic planting pots (2" and 4") laying around I decided to make my own bio-degradable pots. The big hype about bio-degradable pots is- yes, they are bio-degradable but also you can plant the pot into the garden without disrupting the roots etc.

The only problem with that is, if you don't plant ALL the pot or remove the top rim that would stick out of the ground- it can dry out your plant by not allowing the plant to get the water it needs - wicking it away from the plant. So when I plant bio-degradable pots I tear off the top rim and break open the pot a bit so the plant can be sure to get it's roots out there in case the pot doesn't completely break down in the soil. Check out the video below for the simple instructions to make!