Making Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is everywhere in the health realm. These are just a few places you can use it:
-drink 1/8 - 1/4 cup to help with weight loss and detox your kidneys.
-Use as a cleaner, several different applications
-Use as a conditioner, yes! it balances the acidic/oils on your scalp and leaves your hair silky.

-skin/face toner
-reduces inflammation, inside and out
-Relieves sinus pressure
-Lowers cholesterol
-Strengthens bones
-Helps animals feel better (giving to chickens/livestock)
And literally the list goes on and on and on. I am going to show you a cost effective, easy, proven way to make it. This is how I do it and then I have a bunch for all that I do. It's so versatile that you'll use it if you have it.

15+ cored, peeled apples. I get a baggie going in the freezer and every time I make apple chips, or apple crisp I start saving a bag full of the cores and peels. The bacteria needed is located on the skins/core naturally.
3 gallons of water- little less
3 gallon food grade bucket or any clean bucket of the size you want. If it's larger, just use more apples. Smaller, use less.

3 cups cane sugar or white sugar (you can chose to not add any sugar and you will still get apple cider vinegar just not very strong because you never gave anything for the bacteria to eat, therefore grow. I recommend using cane sugar). The ratio of sugar to gallon is 1:1. One gallon water One cup sugar.
Plate that fits inside the bucket to push down the peels while fermenting.
Rubberband that fits snug over the bucket
Thin dish rag that fits across the opening of the bucket, not allowing anything to get in the bucket. You can use a couple layers of cheesecloth as well, you just need to let the fermenting process get air.

Place the peels and apples into the bucket. Sprinkle sugar on top. Cover with air temp water to almost fill the bucket. Place plate on top and cover with flour sack towel or a very thin kitchen towel, rubberband the towel to the bucket. Let ferment for 3 months. When you get ready to use, you can leave the peels and such in the bucket and just scoop around it OR I like to strain the peels out and put the vinegar in covered 1/2 gallon mason jars. Apple cider vinegar lasts forever, indefinite. So no worries if you make too much, it will still be good!
After just a few days it should be bubbling and start smelling like vinegar. This one was done in a one gallon glass container.

This one is 3 gallons, 3 months later. Apple cider vinegar! It should sound  a little fizzy when you stir it. I just wash my hand/arm really good and use it to mush the apples a bit before straining, I like mine cloudy and some of the sediment in it. I think it continues to ferment and get stronger after I jar it.
There you have it, your own apple cider vinegar and all it took was a little effort and time. Subscribe to my blog by email at the top right (above my picture) so you don't miss any money saving, healthy, better quality recipes :)