Make Your Own Reed Diffuser!


I love the fresh, relaxing smell of when you walk into a spa. I loved it so much I sniffed around my favorite place until I found where it was coming from. It was a reed diffuser they had in a very large, beautiful jar. I asked about it and they had one for sale. For $119. Reasonable. Ha! I mean yea, it smelt good but seriously- is it gonna do my dishes for that price too? SO, on a quest to make my own, I thought I would share- SUPER EASY. And here's the good won't cost $119, more like $10 that can be re-used 30+ times.

I re-use glass jars- especially pretty ones. In this case, I had some shot glasses that were contemporary and I also had a cork that fit it just right. You can buy rubber corks at a beer/wine store for super cheap or you can get the real cork material ones at Lowes, Linen n Things or Bed Bath & Beyond. You will need to drill a hole in the top of the real cork ones.

Items you will need:
Cork - rubber or real cork
Small Glass Jar
30 drops Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil (I buy mine from Bramble Berry)
Wood Twigs from a tree (keepin it simple) or got wood skewers- they work great too

Cut wood twigs to come out the top 1.5 times the jar length- or there about. Add water to the glass jar 3/4 full, add 30 drops of fragrance oils (you can get creative and blend scents too-- ie Lavender Peppermint, Amber Musk, mix of citrus scents etc.). Swirl with the wood sticks

Take them out. Place the cork on top of the jar, fit snug. Place the wood sticks through the hole. Done! You can do one for each room of the house - bathroom, living room, kitchen etc. There are so many awesome glass jars (brightly colored) to make into reed diffusers. These really make your house smell lovely :)