Heritage Piglets 4 Sale!

Registered Tamworths: Selectively artificial inseminated for great genes. I have 2 females and 1 male for sale. Male is currently intact. He is a gorgeous, stocky and already muscular.  Females $300 Male $275.

Mangalitsa: Wonderful litter of 8 healthy Mangalitsa's. Great genetics also selectively chosen. 4 males still intact and 4 females. Will castrate within the next few weeks. Females $300 Males $275.
With Heritage breeds, they litter 2 times a year for me so they get a break and produce excellent offspring. If you want a male intact it is best to let me know ASAP.
612-723-9266 or 320-963-8814

I will be posting these on pig sites soon but wanted customers and those reading the site to have first dibs. When I do post, in the past, they sell out within 2 days