I have wanted a piano for the past 5 years pretty badly. But I must admit, I don't want just any piano. I am holding out for a grand piano. Hey. It's just one of those things. I want it and if I can't have it, then ok. I'll wait. And if it's when I'm 80 when it falls into place then great. This is something I will be patient about. Plus, I am so busy with the farm and making natural soaps and body care (yes! see the ModernRoots Store tab above for products I make) I don't really have the time commitment to put towards my piano skills right now. 

I have been thinking that Mr. Hunky would be getting me a piano for my birthday. I saw him looking on craigslist one evening at them and I acted like I didn't know. I was kind of excited. So the following day, I asked him what he was thinking about my birthday. You know, all secret and stuff. So he asked what I wanted. I said I didn't know and off we went about our day. 

That evening, laying on my bed reading... about old world farming, the hubs asked what I was looking at. I said "nothing." Nothing because he has a lot on his plate with his work and all my 'extra' farming stuff. I had promised a year ago I would not add any more farming crazy to our lives until we were more setup for more animals. My and his goals are much the same, but, well... at different rates of speed. So, I told him I would patiently wait for the addition of new types of animals/milking goats until he was ready. We did just purchase 5 extra acres of tillable land so I was thinking once we develop that, I would start the 'you think we are ready for goats know, make it 'their' idea process.'  He kept asking me about what I was reading, so I showed him. THERE a picture of an Alpine milking goat. 

Initially I wanted a jersey cow. I thought goat's milk was horrible and goaty, until one day, when the wife of a guy that I bought a heritage sow from asked me if I'd had it fresh. I replied, "no, I hadn't." So by golly, she called her goat up to the milking stanchion and milked her goat by hand. 3/4 of a gallon in less than 5 minutes. If that wasn't impressive enough she strained it from the stainless dairy pail put it in the freezer for a few minutes until it was nice a cold, poured it into a cup and handed it to me.

I smelled it. Smelled it again. Sipped it and was incredibly impressed. It was delicious and NON goat smell like. It was like a super fresh creamy dairy milk without the mucus feel in the back of the throat. Since that moment I was hooked. There are several factors that reflect the taste of goat's milk, I'll save that for another blog, but clearly this woman knew what she was doing. So, it began the research of breeds and best suitable for fresh drinking. Alpines. I wanted an Alpine goat. They are cheaper than cows, produce more versus what they eat and plus they are kid friendly! 1000 lb cow isn't as maneuverable as a 100 lb goat. Plus their housing is cheaper. I wanted a goat. I neeeed to have a goat.

When I showed Mr. Hunky the information I was reading, I thought he would roll over and go to bed, but he started asking questions. What do they eat, what are the benefits, etc. I just thought he was being nice. So I gushed for about 30 minutes. He replied, yea "maybe some day." 
I'm ok with that since I have enough eggs to pick, piglets to sell, hogs to butcher and other birds to take care of not including my monkeys, or three kids. I can be patient, for a little while at least. 

About a week later, I get an eCard from the hubs that says Happy Birthday. "Oh lord," I thought. Did he really send me an eCard?  I click on it and a HUGE picture of two goats pop up. Shut the front door. I call him. He answers. I say, " this is a cruel joke. I thought you were going to get me a piano!" 
He said, "I know, to throw you off!" "Ahhh!! GOATS!! Yay! Goats!" I scream.
 "And we're picking them up tomorrow," he states.
 Oh my! HAHA! Goats! 

I love piano but what a great present! He did all the research for best drinking milk breeds and where to buy an organically fed freshened goat with kid! My gift of the goats were great but the fact that he wanted me to wait so he could buy them for me, priceless. He made me a goat stanchion to go with them too. Piano shamano. I got goats.
Happy birthday to me