Getting the Homestead Up & Running

I wrote my plans to start a homestead this past January. I have wanted to do something self-reliant for quite some time now, but finally putting into play is really gratifying. I can finally say, It's up and running. Almost all my plans are complete. Due to weather- the Chicken Pallet Coop is still in the beginning building phase because of how late spring was and lately because of all the rain. We can't get it set right with a mushy ground.

We did the excavation into part of a hill and have to wait for it to dry out. I think it should be there this week or the next. I, and my husband, cannot wait for it to be completed since the chickens are currently too close to me perennial garden I am making - sorry hostas- and it will just be nice to have them in their permanent home. I will also need that area to raise meat birds in the fall.
The bees are doing great! We have a lot of basswood trees on our property and come to find out,

it is the most sought after type of honey there is. And I am making it, well not really but I'm a great cheerleader :) Obviously, with all the apple trees, cherry trees, and gardens they will have plenty of other wonderful places to get their goods.
The pigs are putting on healthy weight. They have almost tripled in size since I got them. I kinda wish I had gotten four of them. So many people are asking me about how I am raising them and are very interested. I could also use the excess lard throughout the winter months.
My vegetable garden is almost all in. I still need to plant my garden beans, melons and cucumbers.

I am running out of space and it needs to be a fenced area therefore, I/hubs is making a new area for yet another garden. We are building it on a mound so the melons can vine down the sides. I sure hope our weather gets hot enough throughout the summer to produce good melons. Nothing like a homegrown melon.
The best part of starting my homestead is that next year I will have so much knowledge under my belt that I will be able to judge how much meat and lard one pig will create.

I will also know how much honey my lovely bees make per hive and how much easier it will be than this year with all the building projects.
Funny husband who is very supportive- most of the time- calls me from him work and tells me about this guy he works with, that I wanted sheep wool from to teach myself to spin (another story), has two runt lambs that he doesn't know what to do with. SO KRIS not ME, volunteered to know how much they were etc.

I wasn't going to do butchering lambs until next year, but since I have the fencing and pasture complete - why not? So we are still waiting on a price. But I hope to get them. I mean, come on...I have LOTS of time on my hands ;)