Get on the email list for meat birds!

I will be raising meat chickens this spring and fall. I have been asked numerous times to do a meat CSA- but instead I am doing an email contact list that I will send out to all that would like to order. Here's how it works- you give me your email address,

I send out an email when it's time to raise birds, you reply with how many you want and commit to and 12 weeks later you pick them up- either at the Buffalo Farmer's market on Saturdays 8-12pm (remember this is springish/summer and fall) or Monticello Market Thursday's 3:30-7pm.
I will start raising birds this spring around the beginning of March so they will be ready to go in early May - weather permitting.

Here's what you get: healthy, free range, non-gmo fed chickens that will weigh in around 5-6lbs each.
I raise my birds to 12 weeks instead of 7-8 like most commercial lines. I like there to be some real, juicy meat to the birds. When they free-range they put on more muscle and less fat so it takes a couple weeks longer to get to size.
$3.50 a lb for whole birds
Hit the talk to me tab at top and shoot me your email address to get on the list!