Essential Oil Steam Distiller/Still or Extractor

I go through a lot of essential oils with the products I make and sell. I grow my own medicinal herbs and plants to get the best quality and highest yield without the use of pesticides or other nasty who-knows-what 'Big Ag' uses these days. Much of my herbs go directly into my soaps, lotions, conditioners etc. But I want to extract the precious oils from them too.

So, on this blistery winter day, I came up with a contraption to do so. I mean, everybody knows I can't be stuck inside without a project....and the Modern Roots Essential Oil Still was born.
I was pressure cooking some chicken stock when I was watching the pressure gauges thinking... the steam that escapes and that's inside the pressure cooker could really be used to steam anything, but what could I attach it to to get the job done - and in a smaller quantity? Simple really. Other than blowing myself up of course.
What you need:
-10' of 3/8" copper tubing. Wound into two coils- you can easily manipulate this or buy it pre-rolled.

-1 smaller pressure cooker (4qt-6qt) you could use bigger but quality, effectiveness and time are all important so I like to control it in smaller amounts. *NOTE: I LOVE me some thrift shops but in this case I bought a new one to make sure all the safety valves etc. work well to prevent me and my kitchen from getting blown to smithereens.

Of course it would smell lovely, so that would be a positive, but let's try to alleviate problems like this from the get go.
-plastic container, or wash tub for cold water - tall and skinny so your copper coils fit into it. It's better to have your coils at the bottom of the container because cold water is heavier or denser than warm water.
-plumbers putty
-3/8" clear or threaded tubing
-glass jar to catch lavender water and oils
-Syringe - meat syringe works good
See slideshow below for more in depth descriptions

Now you can syringe the oils off the top or siphon them away from the water underneath. The lavender water or essential water you have left is great used in vinegar for an all natural fabric softener (see that under the recipes tab), as a room air spritzer, or as a sheet and bedroom freshener. Many essential oils are anti-microbial and anti-fungal so they actually kill the nasty in your homes.
When I distill in my house. I know that the air is getting a nice cleanse and it leaves a wonderful scent throughout the house. Talk about some spring cleaning!