Egg Chickens

Think about how many times a week you crack an egg. Cakes, cookies, ice cream, over easy, eggnog, etc. It is very hard to avoid an egg. Now, purchase an egg that is free range vs. the standard large egg you purchase from the run of the mill grocery store. You will notice a HUGE difference. A free-range egg has a rich creamy flavor, bright orange yolk and a watery white.

They are an excellent choice for all your egg eating needs. Most eggs sold today are from caged birds that are not allowed to  roam freely and scratch in the soil. They are meant to do one job and do it well or literally, "off with their heads." Backyard chickens have become much more popular however in the past few years. There is  an enjoyment factor that the chickens bring to you. My mom has had chickens for as long as I can remember.

The hen house is her 'thinking' spot. I am getting several laying hens (Buff Orphingtons and Rhode Isalnd Reds) this spring and can not wait to see them produce and enjoy their lives here at Modernroots Homestead. My children are particularly excited for them. I have chosen Buff Orphingtons and Rhode Island Reds because of the winters they will face.

Though, I will heat their coop and give them plenty of light, they will be roaming around during the daytime in the cold. These breeds have been specifically bred to handle the harsh winters. Instead of a traditional wood stove to heat the coop or electric heater, I have decided to build a Rocket Mass Stove. Highly efficient 'clay mass' wood burning stove that will keep my little ladies very happy. This is a quick look at how to build one: 

I plan to sell off the excess eggs I do not use - which will be a lot- to local health stores as well as my own customers. All extras past that are for the pigs. The shell has vital nutrients and calcium that pigs need.
Here is a great site about backyard chickens.
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