Butchered My Meat Birds

I raised 20 Cornish x and butchered 10 of them today by hand. That means, hot water bathed them over a fire and hand plucked them. We mainly butchered the roosters that have gotten much larger (and are feed hoggers) than the hens. The meat was gorgeous. I kept two as whole birds to do baked chicken and the rest I cut up. The whole process: kill, water bath, pluck, gut, cut up took about 6 hours including setup.
This is how they turned out! I am very impressed with the quality of meat

whole chicken. Weighing out at 5.2 pounds. Nice size




Wings! We love spicy wings with a cold beer. In fact, that's my reward :)

These breasts are beautiful




Drummies with skin on to keep them moist
Hearts and gizzards. Mr. Hunky loves himself some gizzards

I cut all the scraps from the carcass to make chicken sausages.